Seamless Compliance

Introducing our cutting-edge ERP software, meticulously designed to seamlessly align with Saudi Arabia’s ZATCA e-invoicing requirements. We are thrilled to announce that our ERP solution is fully compliant with the latest e-invoicing regulations mandated by the Saudi Arabian tax authorities.

With this integration, businesses in Saudi Arabia can streamline their invoicing processes, ensuring accuracy, security, and adherence to national standards. Our ERP software enables effortless generation, sending, and receiving of e-invoices while maintaining high levels of data integrity and confidentiality.

Embrace a digital transformation that enhances efficiency and ensures compliance with Saudi Arabia’s evolving taxation landscape. Our ZATCA-compliant ERP software provides a seamless and productive e-invoicing experience tailored to the Saudi Arabian market.

Is E-invoicing (FATOORA) mandatory?

E-invoicing (FATOORA) applies to all per-sons subject to VAT and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT.
Non-resident taxable persons for VAT purposes are excluded.

What are the requirements that Solution ERP Provide for E-invoicing (FATOORA) phases?

  • Electronic generation of invoices

  • QR code on tax invoices

  • Invoice title (depending on the generated tax invoice type)

  • VAT number of the buyer (if the buyer is VAT registered)

  • Generate invoices in XML
  • Anti-tampering features (e.g. cryptographic stamp, hash)
  • Other technical features (e.g. UUID)
  • Integrating with ZATCA systems
Published On: April 23rd, 2024 / Categories: Development, Latest Technology /

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