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With solution documents management, streamline your file management online in one central location. Say goodbye to manual filing or enduring lengthy approval processes.

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Experience seamless digitalization with solution document management system, accessing your files has never been simpler. Benefit from automated dispatch, digitization, and streamlined processes.
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We create software tailored to your individual needs.

Approval workflow & Automated Retention

Does an invoice, vacation application or another document need to be approved by one or several people before the next step? Not a problem! Invite people to approve and add their comments. In fixed order or all at once.

Document Numbering, Notifications & Audit Trails

Utilize automatic document numbering based on the schemes you define. Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents or folders as often as you choose.

Access Control & DocuSign integrations

Share documents, folders, sections or even the whole account with different permissions (Previewer, Viewer, Editor, Upload-only) to anyone you like. Use Active Directory for user management. Create groups of collaborators to share to many people at once.

File Versions

Upload a new version of a document and preserve the existing metadata and all earlier versions of the file.

The Most User-Friendly Document Management System

Amazingly easy to use, highly secure, customizable document management system in cloud.

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Ensuring unparalleled efficiency for your business operations. Experience rapid performance and seamless productivity with our lightning-DNA technology.

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