Trading Industries

Enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making with immediate insights.

Built for Trading and logistics

From the initial sourcing and storage management to comprehensive stock control, extending through sales processes to efficient distribution and shipping.

Empowering Supply Chain Excellence

Equipped with robust features aimed at fostering innovation and teamwork throughout your supply chain, Solution ERP offers a set of tools that enable enhanced business oversight, effective inventory management, and the alignment of supply with demand.

Universal ERP Solution

The solution’s ability to operate in multiple languages and handle multiple currencies ensures seamless support for your processes and global supply chain, regardless of location.

Why SolutionDNA

Enjoy a software experience that adapts to your needs, offering the flexibility to grow and evolve as you do.

Sales and Distribution

Streamline the whole process of selling and distributing, from order placement and delivery to billing and acceptance.

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage inventory with real-time visibility, accurate forecasting, and improved order fulfillment.

Supply Chain Management

Streamlined procurement, supplier collaboration, and logistics management.

Equipment and Asset Management

Ensure equipment reliability and performance with proactive maintenance. Schedule preventive tasks, track downtime, and manage spare parts to minimize failures.

Integrated Financial Management

Integrate financial management into the system for comprehensive visibility and alignment with manufacturing operations. Manage accounting, track costs, and analyze.

Customer Relation Management

Gain a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on leads, customers, prospects, competitors, and your salesforce, along with actionable insights.

to your needs

Acknowledging the individuality of each enterprise, SolutionERP provides the strength and flexibility to embrace and adjust to your precise processes as they evolve over time.

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