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Solution DNA

Integrated ERP solution designed to shape your business and to unify teams, processes, data for exceptional experiences and agility.

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Tailored to Suit the Unique Requirements of Each Industry


Streamline production distribution


Efficiently manage projects


Optimize trading operations


precision service delivery


We create software tailored to your individual needs.

Easily customizable to meet your unique requirements

Our DNA framework offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly customize it to perfectly align with your unique business requirements. Whether you need specific functionalities, specialized workflows, or tailored features.

Empowered for seamless integration

Experience seamless integration empowering your business to effortlessly connect with any third-party application. Designed to facilitate smooth data exchange and collaboration across your entire ecosystem.

the all-in-one solution for your business needs

The ultimate solution for your business requirements.Covers every aspect, from industry-specific ERP functionalities to HR management, alongside built-in CRM and point of sale features. With everything seamlessly integrated into one platform.

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Just how fast is Solution DNA?



than conventional databases

< 1sec


to queries in under 1 second



executed per core per second


Faster Than Competitor

Ensuring unparalleled efficiency for your business operations. Experience rapid performance and seamless productivity with our lightning-DNA technology.

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Designed to facilitate smooth transitions

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Effortless implementation made simple. Streamlined Implementation Process.

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import tool for uploading data.

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