The Challenge

BluePrint ME, a distinguished construction entity specializing in the fit-out and interior design of luxury stores, including illustrious names like LVMH and Bulgari, faced a significant operational hurdle.

Blueprint’s Regional Integration: The Journey to Unified Operations with Solution ERP

With operations sprawling across five countries—Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, and the UAE—BluePrint was in need of a system overhaul.

The challenge was monumental: transitioning from their legacy software to a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that could not only accommodate their unique project functions and fit-outs but also unify their operations under a single platform. The goal was to streamline their processes across all countries and companies, ensuring a cohesive operation. After a thorough vetting process, BluePrint chose Solution ERP for its flexibility, customizability, and our specialized support team, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

The Process

The integration process spearheaded by Solution ERP was ambitious. It aimed to amalgamate all facets of BluePrint’s operations, including Sales, Purchases, Projects, Fixed Assets, Accounting, and Human Resources, under one umbrella.

Blueprint’s Seamless Transition: Tailored Implementation of Solution ERP for Optimized Workflow

This was no small feat. Our team embarked on a meticulous implementation and training phase tailored to BluePrint’s specific needs. We developed customized and automated workflows to ensure that every requirement was met with precision. Our efforts were directed towards making the transition as seamless as possible, ensuring that every aspect of the business was just functioning on the new ERP system.

Through persistent collaboration and expert guidance, we navigated the complexities of integration, setting a new standard for operational excellence within BluePrint.


Our unified software solution, designed to cater to the intricate demands of BluePrint’s operations, has assisted BluePrint in how they manage their business. Today, BluePrint enjoys unprecedented control and management capabilities across its companies in the MENA region.

Empowering BluePrint: Comprehensive Business Transformation with Solution ERP

The comprehensive coverage of all business verticals and functions by Solution ERP has empowered BluePrint with a newfound agility and efficiency. The success of this transformation is a testament to the power of strategic partnership and technological innovation.

Redefining Industry Standards: BluePrint ME’s Operational Supremacy with Solution ERP

BluePrint ME, with the support of Solution ERP, has set a new benchmark for operational excellence in the construction and interior design industry, showcasing the limitless possibilities when ambition meets innovation.
This case study serves not only as a testament to BluePrint ME’s forward-thinking approach but also underscores Solution ERP’s commitment to delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions to our clients. As BluePrint continues to grow and evolve, Solution ERP will remain a steadfast partner in their journey towards achieving operational supremacy in the luxury fit-out and interior design domain.

“Implementing Solution ERP transformed our operations. Its adaptability and the stellar support team have streamlined our processes, positioning us for future growth.”

George Bachmayer

CFO – BluePrint ME

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