The Challenge

The Qatar Industrial Resins Factory, a landmark of technological innovation and quality in Mesaieed Industrial City, is the epitome of modern manufacturing excellence. While already at the forefront of the resin production industry due to its diverse product range and commitment to high standards aligned with Qatar Petroleum and Mesaieed City Administration, the factory sought to further enhance its operational efficiency. The objective was to ensure that its internal processes and systems matched its external reputation for excellence and innovation.

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Customized ERP Solution Implementation
  • Staff Training and System Integration


Years of Experience


Reactors Structure


Lines of production

“Implementing SOLUTION ERP revolutionized our operations at Qatar Industrial Resins Factory. Their tailored approach and seamless integration elevated our efficiency and unified our processes, exceeding expectations. The transition was smooth, thanks to excellent training, enabling us to maintain our high-quality standards without interruption.”

Lenna Emmer

CFO – Qatar Resins Factory

The Process

In-depth Analysis for Alignment

The transformation journey began with a comprehensive analysis, aimed at aligning the factory’s operations with its advanced technological capabilities. This step laid the groundwork for identifying the specific areas where SOLUTION ERP could bring about significant improvements.

Implementing SOLUTION ERP

Upon identifying SOLUTION ERP as the ideal platform, the focus shifted to customizing the system to meet the factory’s unique requirements. This phase involved detailed planning to tailor SOLUTION ERP, ensuring it could seamlessly integrate manufacturing and human resources operations.

Seamless System Integration

The successful implementation of SOLUTION ERP hinged on extensive training for staff across all levels. This essential step ensured that the workforce was well-prepared to utilize the new system effectively, facilitating a smooth transition that upheld the factory’s operational excellence.


With the implementation of SOLUTION ERP, the Qatar Industrial Resins Factory witnessed a remarkable transformation. The new integrated system not only streamlined operations but also enabled real-time, data-driven decision-making, aligning with the factory’s commitment to employing modern technology and maintaining product diversity and quality.

This strategic move has positioned the Qatar Industrial Resins Factory for sustainable growth, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the resin manufacturing industry in the region.

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