The Challenge

Navigating System Limitations with Legacy Operations

Withstand, a dynamic restaurant management company, Withstand operates 6 concepts which vary from dine-in cuisines to specialty cafes, Previously the company grappled with the limitations of a legacy system that was inadequate for their expanding business needs.

Key challenges included inefficient point-of-sale operations, cumbersome inventory and procurement processes, inadequate accounting systems, and poor fixed asset management. Most critically, their old system lacked effective recipe management capabilities, leading to inconsistent food costs and difficulty in maintaining profit margins.


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The Process

The Implementation Journey of Withstand’s ERP System

Recognizing these challenges, Withstand sought to overhaul their operations by implementing our comprehensive ERP system tailored for restaurant management. The transition involved:

  • Deploying an advanced POS system across all outlets for smoother transactions and better customer service.
  • Revamping inventory and procurement modules to optimize stock levels and reduce waste.
  • Integrating robust accounting practices to track financial health accurately.
  • Enhancing fixed asset management for better oversight and depreciation tracking.
  • Introducing sophisticated recipe management tools to precisely control food costs and improve pricing strategies.

Our team worked closely with Withstand to ensure a seamless integration of these systems, providing training and support to maximize the benefits of the new ERP solution.


Withstand’s Success with Solution ERP

The adoption of our ERP system marked a significant turning point for Withstand. The company now enjoys a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective operation.

The new POS system enhanced customer interactions, while improved inventory and procurement processes led to substantial cost savings.

Leveraging Recipe Management for Profitable Growth at Withstand

The recipe management tool proved particularly transformative, offering precise control over food costs and significantly boosting profit margins. As a result, Withstand has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also positioned itself for future growth and success in the competitive restaurant industry.

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