The Challenge

Legacy System Limitations

The standalone POS system was not integrated with the bookkeeping software, requiring manual data entry for each transaction into the financial records. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, impacting the overall efficiency and accuracy of financial reporting.

Operational Inefficiencies

The manual double-entry process led to delays in financial reporting and inventory management, hindering timely decision-making. It also increased the workload on staff, diverting their attention from customer service and other critical operational areas.

Impact on Growth

The inefficiencies and potential for error in financial management were significant obstacles to scaling operations. As 100 Caffe looked to expand, the need for a streamlined, reliable system became increasingly evident.


Daily Transactions


Domestic Branches

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“Implementing SOLUTION ERP transformed our operations overnight, turning our manual, error-prone processes into a streamlined, efficient system that’s ready for growth.”

Nader Saab

GM – 100 Cafe

The Process

Needs Assessment

A thorough analysis of 100 Caffe’s operational processes was conducted to understand the specific challenges and requirements. This involved consultations with key stakeholders to identify pain points and objectives.

Solution Selection

SOLUTION ERP, an integrated ERP and POS system, was selected for its ability to unify sales transactions and financial reporting into a single, efficient platform. This choice was based on its compatibility with 100 Caffe’s operations and the scalability it offered for future growth.


The implementation process was carefully planned and executed in stages to minimize disruption. This included data migration from the legacy system, staff training, and system customization to fit specific needs.
Ongoing Support: After the system went live, ongoing support and training were provided to ensure smooth operation and to address any issues promptly.


Operational Efficiency

The integration of the POS system with the ERP software eliminated the need for manual double entries, significantly reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time. Staff could now focus more on customer service and other key areas.

Improved Decision-Making

Real-time data availability and accurate financial reporting enabled more informed decision-making. The management team could access up-to-date financial insights, leading to better strategic planning and inventory management.

Scalability for Growth

With the new system in place, 100 Caffe is well-positioned for growth. The streamlined operations, improved accuracy, and efficiency have laid a solid foundation for expanding the business without being hindered by operational constraints.

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